1984 Books was founded in late 2016, with its first release coming out in 2017.

This is a time (soon to be ‘was a time’) of great worry for many as the forces of Trump, the alt-right (whoever came up with that?) and Mordor were rising in the West. Well, the East Coast of the United States of America, to be precise.

So a few like-minded people got together and thought, how can we stop this terrible state of affairs? The only way these few people knew was by books. Why? Because books have longevity, something a Tweet doesn’t or shouldn’t have. Don’t worry, 1984 Books will have a Twitter account, plus Facebook, Pinterest and everything else needed for SEO. But seriously, the age of the ‘Tweet’, the soundbite, demands a response from a different angle. Novels such as Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell inspired many in the 20th Century to question the media, the idea of DoubleThink and Newspeak. Similarly, we here at 1984 Books, hope to question our own 21st-century challenges with intelligence and humour.

No doubt we’ll be labelled ‘Leftist Liberals’ or some other derogatory term, but in reality, we’re just people that love books that take us out of the reality we think we live in and transport us into that consciousness that only music, art and a good novel can do.

Enough from us. It’s the 1984 Books authors you need to read.

Peace in print.
Your friends at 1984 Books.