Trump era and dystopian novels

Nineteen Eighty-four in 2017?

According to the BBC Magazine, the election and antics of Donald Trump has sparked a sales bonanza for publishers of dystopian fiction.

The BBC recently covered The Trump era’s top-selling dystopian novels.

Here are the top-selling dystopian novels in bookshops:

1.It Can’t Happen Here – Sinclair Lewis
Sales: As of Friday, the eighth best-selling book on Amazon.

2.1984 – George Orwell
Sales: As of Friday, the best-selling book on Amazon. Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, sales have increased by 9,500%!

3. Brave New World – Aldous Huxley
Sales: Another dystopian novel that was not in Amazon’s top 100 sales chart two years ago but which is currently in the top 10.

4. Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury
Sales: Currently tussling with Donald Trump’s book (see below) for the 15th slot in the Amazon chart.

It’s certainly an interesting trend for all of us at 1984 Books.


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