Welcome to 1984 Books – an independent publisher of fiction and non-fiction, specialising in dystopian novels and satire.1984books“Don’t wait to be discovered. Discover yourself. Publish your own work
and circulate your work.”
Allen Ginsberg

Why 1984 Books?

Well, George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 (often written as Nineteen Eighty-Four) epitomises what we strive for. We endeavour to create books that challenge the way we think. It’s an interesting time for the planet with the rise of Donald Trump, Brexit and the so-called ‘Post-Truth’ era. We think these times call for a little shake-up in the publishing world. So 1984 Books is a home for books that like to think different. But not in a Steve Jobs way. We believe the language of ‘different’ cannot be owned by advertising or corporations.¬†We mean novelists, poets, artists, essayists or ideas that challenge our perceptions, books that enlighten. But let’s not set the bar too high, let the words on the page speak for themselves.